Guide for Busy Karate Parents: Is My  Child Ready for Tournaments?

Guide for Busy Karate Parents: Is My Child Ready for Tournaments?

ishereadyI’m working on a short guide for our karate parents. It will be a little primer covering what to expect, what to bring and how much all this is going to cost them. As I’m working on it, I’ll be putting portions of it here to test it out in front of a friendly audience. Please, let me know what you think.

As a tournament approaches, I’ll approach the parent of a new team member.  I’ll explain their student has been working hard on her kata and has shown great improvement from their efforts. The student knows her backup plan in case she forgets her kata. (It will happen to  everyone at least once.) She knows the basics of point sparring and ring etiquette.

“If it’s something she’s interested in, she’s welcome to join as at the next tournament.”

At this point, the parents always ask if their child is ready to compete. It’s time to answer their question with some questions.

Will your child be able to find their ring?

Tournaments are noisy and there is a lot of stuff going on to distract a young child. So, if your coach is judging in another ring or is otherwise disposed helping another team member, can your child find her ring? If she needs help finding her ring, are there older and more experienced team members attending who can help her? Will you be available to help her get to where she needs to be to compete, if she needs it?
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