Reader Question: Quest to Buy Women’s Karate Shoes

Hi – I am a 43 year old female who has been studying Karate for about two years. I love it! I am on a quest to find women’s karate shoes (mostly for kata and practicing). Do you know of anyplace to purchase them? Thanks!

oct11My only experience with martial arts shoes are the Ringstar sparring shoes and I’m not a huge fan. They look and feel like something Run D.M.C. would have worn (like from “Tougher than Leather” era or earlier). And, they make your feet really sweaty. However, if you have a broken toe (or just think that maybe you might have broken your toe), they are much more tolerable. In fact, with an injured toe, they are AWESOME.

I also keep some lyrical dance slippers in my karate bag. They’re nice when you have a ripped callous.

I don’t know of a karate shoe specifically for women. But, if someone does make women’s shoes, they’ll cost twice as much as the guy’s shoes.

At my dojo, the Adidas SM II is popular.  My understanding is they are in men’s sizes. So, in the US, that means you just subtract 2 from your normal size and you have your size in men’s shoes. For example, I typically wear a 9, so I would order a 7.

What do you think? Do you use karate shoes? And, if so, what ones would you recommend?