Flu Shots

Flu Shots

As you know, this blog isn’t just about karate and tournaments. It was also intended to be about health and fitness (but to a lessor degree). I was going to post a reminder to get your flu shots and provide a list of resources for people in the Far West Suburbs who may be in need of low-cost or no-cost flu vaccines.

But, it occurred to me, I’m running late. I should have got those resources out there in September. I also should have already had MY flu shot but, again, I’m running late.

As an adult, who spends a lot of time around kids because of teaching and whatnot, I really, really should get my shot. (And I will.)

So, if like me, you’ve been putting off what you know you really should do, here’s some tips I just picked up:

There’s two options if you hate, hate, HATE needles. The first is called an Intradermal Flu Shot. It uses an itty-bitty needle and doesn’t have to go in as deep. The second is the flu nasal spray. To get the spray, you can’t be pregnant, you must be healthy and you have to be between the ages two and 49. (I got that from Shape magazine’s┬áRSS feed but, when I googled it to get an exact link, I saw that everyone ran that article. So, kudos to whoever wrote that press release!)

And, this is cool: the Health Map Flu Vaccine Finder. I found the link on the Kane County Health Department’s Web site, but the map is good for everyone in the U.S. Put in your address in the fields to the right and you’ll see a map of where you can find some pretty affordable flu shots. (Mostly these are pharmacies, at least where I live because the VNA did their shots in October.) Some locations have prices listed, too, which should help those on a budget.

So that’s it. Stop procrastinating and get your flu vaccine. Hopefully, next year, we’ll both be a little more on top of our game.