An Overweight Martial Artist Asks for Advice

A couple of days ago, I received a comment on an old blog post “Karate? Really?!” I’m sure you don’t obsess over every single comment the way I do, but I wanted to make sure you saw this one in particular.

I am currently 130# overweight, and am re-starting martial arts after a serious injury several years ago took me out of commission. I can understand people’s confusion about someone my size practicing martial arts, but what really gets me is when people IN MY OWN CLASS giggle at my unbalanced, jiggling attempts. It is at that point I get really angry–and really, really hurt.

I know I look ridiculous, but I feel proud of the fact that at least I am not running from their ridicule. After all, hiding inside my house isn’t going to help me lose weight.

Any stories or advice you can offer would be MUCH appreciated.
- Heather315

Well, my fellow karate-ka, what advice do you have to share?