About Us

The Fat Karate-ka is a series of karate-related thoughts from a plus-size karate-ka and her best friend. We travel around going to tournaments and seminars, meeting some very cool people along the way.

We usually post about once a week (more, if there’s a lot of events going on) and write about the people we meet at tournaments, the things they say and our struggles as we become better martial artists. (There’s also the occasional navel gazing, but we try to keep that under control.)

BFF Teri is the primary photographer and videographer and Stacy does most of the writing. This arrangement means that Stacy the face and voice of The Fat Karate-ka, while BFF Teri is the backbone.

About Stacy

A Shodan, Stacy Strunk started karate in 2007 under the instruction of Master Keith Smith. Four years later and more than 100 pounds lighter, she has participated in dozens of karate tournaments across the country, dragging her children and best friend, who is also in competitive karate, along with her.

Teri’s Favorite Blog Entry by Stacy: My favorite blog entry is the one she posted on September 27, 2010. The blog is about jealousy. I laugh and cry every time I read this entry. I am amazed with her ability to recount the event with surprising detail.

What Teri Likes Best about Stacy: Stacy has a unique way of enabling a reader to empathize with her. She is a very eloquent writer. I admire this quality in her more than anything else. It is in our favor that she is the voice in this blog as writing is not my forte. She is also constantly thinking of venues to promote who we are as karate-ka.


 Another attribute I find important about Stacy is the tenacity she has in her weight loss endeavor. She has willpower I have only heard about. And it shows in her both physically and mentally.

I am fortunate Stacy chose to befriend me. We bounce ideas off of each other, practice together, encourage each other, laugh together, and console each other. Is there a better definition of a true friend?


Stacy’s Favorite Photo by BFF Teri

This is my favorite pix for two reasons: (1) you can see Sensei Smith’s fanny pack (which always makes me giggle) and (2) it tells a whole story in one image. What’s also cool is the story I see, knowing both people in this picture and attending the tournament where it was taken, is still the story other people will see. It’s an awesome candid shot and the one that made me realize what a talented photographer Teri is.

What Stacy Likes Best about BFF Teri: I love her attention to detail. When you’re traveling around to places unknown, someone has to remember to bring the road atlas. That person is Teri.


I think it’s also what makes her a good photographer, a good friend and a good karate-ka. Because she picks up on the small details that other people don’t see or notice. If you flick your eyes toward your target before trying to land a punch on her, she’ll notice it. And you won’t be able to repeat it.

She’s also the type of person that sends thank you cards for almost everything and post cards when she’s on vacation. (I mean “real” cards, with handwritten notes and stamps and everything!)

Sure, you might occasionally catch her folding something she intends to throw in the garbage. But that’s part of the whole package that makes Teri…BFF Teri.

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